Weaning off steroids too fast

I came acrosee your site from googling weaning night feeds. I have a 7 month old who has gone some nights sleeping 9 hours feeding then back to bed or even a full 12-13 hours a night. But…this past week he’s been waking at 12 and 6am. I typically feed him at 12 but he wakes at 6 and starts playing in his crib. I’ve left him but after 30 minutes he slowly starts to cry so after 15 minutes of crying, I go in, nurse him and then he goes back to sleep. How can I wean him from a feed? I don’t mind waking up once to nurse but I know he doesn’t need both feeds. I put him to bed by 815 each night and he nurses before going to bed. We sleep trained him a month ago so he goes to bed awake and never fusses. He nurses 4-5 times a day and eats 10 ounces of solids and 5tbsp of cereal (breakfast, dinner and a snack). Should I up his solid intake, maybe more at dinner? I nurse him on a schedule every 3-4 hours during the day and dinner is at 6pm. If I wean the 12am feed, do I just let him cry it out? Sorry for all the questions but I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve found at 12 months and older if you reduce breast milk and or cow milk they feel less full and thus eat more food. This is not recommended for babies as in below 12 months breast milk is ideal, formula has needed iron therefore much better than cow milk if you can’t do breast milk. Do not wean a child from formula or breastmilk before 12 months!
If your child is a picky eater don’t worry. As long as you eat healthy your child will follow suit eventually just expose them to as many textures, flavors different food as humanly possible. Also work on biting chewing and swollowing early the same musels used in chewing are used in speech. Also if they learn to bite and chew and swallow early they won’t be as likely to choke. I’d recogmend avoiding baby food all together and at about 5 to 8 months depending on how advanced your baby is giving them small pieces of food to eat gradually increasing. This is called LED weaning and makes for a much less picky eater later on!

On many ranches, weaned calves go directly from the pasture to the sale barn, where they’re sold at auction, by the pound, to feedlots. The Blairs prefer to own their steers straight through to slaughter and to keep them on the ranch for a couple of months of “backgrounding” before sending them on the 500-mile trip to Poky Feeders. Think of backgrounding as prep school for feedlot life: the animals are confined in a pen, “bunk broken”—taught to eat from a trough—and gradually accustomed to eating a new, unnatural diet of grain. (Grazing cows encounter only tiny amounts of grain, in the form of grass seeds.)

Weaning off steroids too fast

weaning off steroids too fast


weaning off steroids too fastweaning off steroids too fastweaning off steroids too fast